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TGISunday? …. WTH?….
What the heck? We’ve never done a TGISunday before, but I wanted to highlight Mercury Retrograde starting today running through May 3rd and also Tuesday’s Full Moon energy.

Now not everyone is aware of it, but Mercury is the planet of communications, so if today things start getting a little wonky and you thought the meeting was at 4pm only to find out it was at 3pm, or you showed up at the wrong Starbucks because there were two near each other, trust me, it’s Mercury Retrograde and those are the lighthearted faux pas. Others could be starting a business, or contract negotiations and even a relationship on the wrong footing.

What to do? You’ll want to consider getting the new Audio MP3 that’s all about erasing this energy starting FRESH and moving forward TODAY!

Now in the video below, I’m going to tell you briefly about the Audio MP3 and then rocket right into clearing your energy around Mercury Retrograde so that you have a smooth flight all the way to May 3rd. If you want to read more about Mercury Retrograde click here

But if you’re ready now to clear it out and make your flight have a lot less turbulence, you’ll want to play the video below… and if you’re really serious about changing the energy around fear, stuck energy, overwhelm, indecision, anxiety and a depressed mood, you’ll want to get the new Audio MP3 and guess what? You can play this for yourself, gift it to friends and family and for any non-believers… you can play the recording on any phone or computer and dedicate it in prayer to them! How cool is that?!

Save 42% off retail and buy it for a limited time for just $33 for the MP3/PDF!


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TGISunday Download
Jimmy Mack Healing Download for Smoothing out the Effects of Mercury Retrograde
Click the video to watch Jimmy’s transmission

I will remain unaffected by the turbulence of Mercury Retrograde. I am channeling deeper spiritual energy as I hear this now and asking for Spirit to pilot my life and to drift above all the miscommunications. I will remain steadfast with forward momentum and rising above drama, trauma, chaos, mystery and intrigue that often accompanies this time of year. I will sink deep into knowing that I am a spiritual being with a deeper connection to all that is and I’ll ultimately realize that everything will turn out in my favor. I am asking for this in all languages and across all timelines as I hear this now and so it is.

You can watch this and all previous 25+ transmission downloads in a special playlist on my YouTube channel. Click here and please subscribe while you’re visiting!

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"Today I will expect God’s favor. Blessings will chase me down, rain upon me and overtake me. In a world filled with indecision, I will have multiple choices. I will be allowed to choose what is best for me. I will access a deep knowing of the best choice for my life and I will be at peace with my decision."

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