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Lucky Friday and Q&A
Today’s lucky Friday waxing crescent moon on the 3rd of March is listed as a lucky day. So get out there, and take a chance today…………go out, ask that person out that you’ve been flirting with, pose a question or lay down the law to someone who has been under your skin. Ask for that raise, promotion or opportunity and believe above all else that spirit has your back!

For your weekend listening fun….. check out Wednesday’s replay from the Charlotte Spicer showand get your burning questions ready for my special guest Sharita Star, Astrologer, Numerologist, Author & Speaker Taking live callers March 7th at 12-noon ET call (713) 955-0594 to join us!

Q. Every day someone says to me, “Jimmy, what words do I use, I don’t know how to say them when I’m fishing?”

A. This new book took 3 years to write and is for you! It gives you the word tracks for your particular challenge, illness, disease or disorder and makes it EASY for YOU to heal yourself and others! It is over 80 pages of challenges and their formulary word prayer solutions listed from A-Z in your very own handbook.

*Buy just one copy and gift it electronically to all of your friends and family and YES it’s also available as a paperback book, shipped to your door step!

Q. "Jimmy, I don’t know how to fish, should I still get this book?"

A. YES! This will be the lowest price it will ever be and if you buy it, merely write me and I will send you audios, videos and written historical instructions on how to fish! My Liquid Fish® Change made simple® is the simplest, FASTEST, DIY, deepest, most profound method and technique for creating lasting change!

Q. "Jimmy, you always seem so busy with books, audios and radio shows, how do you do it all?"

A. Yes, true, but I have a high capacity for production and a genuine hunger to get you more data and information that could actually heal and change your life!!! I always make time for clients like you for in person, phone or Skype appointments, 7 days a week. So whether you need an hour, a half hour or even 15 minutes. Email me info Thanks!

Healing A-Z: The Words That Can Heal Body, Mind & Spirit

Buy it at $35 for a limited time
NEW VIDEO with purchase of the new book!
We are recording a video to go with the new book. It will be a simple, straightforward overview of how to use the book and it will be free for those that purchase the book. It will not be made available to the general public. For those of you who already bought the book, thanks! You will get the video by the end of next week!
For those of you still thinking about buying it, well, here’s just another reason!
TGIFriday Download
Sending you more energy today to receive all the best life has to offer. I see you as deserving and worthy of all the best there is. Good fortune, opportunity and inspiration flow in, around and through you here and now. Throughout all life times, across all time lines, in and through this body and your auric body. Wishing you the rest of your life as the best of your life while making progress every day! And so it is.
From the Fish Box
"Jimmy, you told me less than 30 days ago after we worked on Real Estate and selling our home, that it “would sell in under 14 days and the first people that viewed it would buy it”. Would you believe it sold in 14 hours to the first couple that looked at it? Simply Amazing and what you do is nothing short of wizardry."

K.S. / Missouri

TGIFriday Funny
The look you get when you bring my granddaughter Charlie, penne pasta instead of mac-n-cheese. Even more funny was this 2 year old Gemini at my home the other night and said to her dad, “Dad, I love going to Grampa’s house, there are sooooooo many ghosties there!”
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