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Rare in person appearance!
Please see the link below and join me live at the Dowser’s Unlimited event in The Villages. When we stand and face due North we are using our bodies to dowse. There are large numbers of people who also use pendulums and dowsing rods to get YES or NO as well as nutritional consultants and chiropractors and others that will press on a limb of their patient to get a weak/negative or good/positive response.

If you’re in the Central Florida area, bring a friend and please come visit me on April 20th

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Say YES to receive the energy of this download in all times and all languages

I know what perseverance is, and I know what it feels like and how to have perseverance. I know how to live my day to day life in the flow and with forward positive movement. I know that I have inner and outer perseverance and I can live my daily life with displays of activity & perseverance from this moment on.

And so it is as I say YES out loud now!

From The Fish Box
Because even 15 minutes can make a difference

"Hi Jimmy!

Happy St Patty’s Day! Are you wearing your hat?

I have not had a chance to send you a thank you for our quickie last Friday.so here it is – "Thank You"!

As always you helped me get back on track. And even though we have been working together for a while your magic always seems to give me the lift need!

I appreciate all of your help and support!"
~ C.G.

See what 15 minutes can do for you today! info

Books can make a difference too!

"I flew to Salt Lake for a 5 hour meeting with a new client prospect, and back in less than 24 hours…on Easter!

The blessing was that I had 4 hours each way to really read your book, The Tackle Box cover to cover and practice liquid fish. This was my third read…but this time…I had major Ah Ha’s….

Thank you for taking the time to write this book, it has a big impact on me and my energy vibrations. YOU bless me daily."

Love, P. B.


TGIWednesday Tools
Everyone needs a boost in one area or another from time to time and the MyBeliefworks™ audio mp3s are my way of contributing to you when we can’t be together.
Listen here for my explanation on how it all works plus some sample clearings, then click the link below and see what issues & challenges YOU may need extra help with.


New recording and book on the way…
"Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief" Audio mp3: For clearing limiting blocks of professionals and vastly improving outcomes with a dental appointment, a surgery, a tax audit, an insurance claim, investment fears or a legal case – allowing spirit to create the most optimal scenarios for you.

"My Liquid Fish® Change Made Simple®" book/ebook: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this handbook will be the updated energetic prayers and make fishing simple & fun.

Fish Food

The Daily Bread To Feed The Fish

Tell The Fish: 365 Daily Inspirations & Affirmations for March 30th

Today I will know that I am on the verge of greatness. I can ask for and receive a greater vision and stronger outcome and as one of my clients always says, "Or better Jimmy, or better". It is safe and comfortable to ask for more. I am worthy and deserving of it and I am open to receive the best life has to offer now!

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