Thank goodness for Wednesday
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Thanks everyone for all of the warm wishes
and regards for my birthday yesterday. I deeply
appreciate them and I remain humble in my ability
to help/contribute to others.

That’s why this is kind of a fun way for me to celebrate
MY birthday being able to announce the release of the new
MyBeliefWorks™ recordings that I’ve created for YOU!

The past weeks you guys loaded me up with great topic
ideas and specific blocks you wanted cleared. Whew…
I would barely have time to book appointments if I did
them all now (and we don’t want that right? 😉

I promise, in time, there will be more but for now,
here are the first three awesome recordings about
$Money, Ideal Weight, and Addiction that I know
you’ll find useful.

Fyi, each of these individual audios is very unique
& about 20 minutes long, and if you’ve ever worked
one on one with me, then you know the clearings
I do unblock energy at endless known & unknown
DNA, cellular, core, past life, and soul levels.

Having these MyBeliefWorks™ audios is a way for
me to serve a larger group and create more and
faster change for everyone and it’s really powerful work.

All the best!

P.S. I’m offering a special intro price just for my
community of friends and clients, but I can only
guarantee it for a limited time. I’ve got a fun
special announcement next week that will
explain why. So make sure you check it out now.

Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557

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