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Dear Jimmy,

Here’s my newest painting "Ghosts Of The Anasazi." These ancient people inhabited the Southwest US over 1,000 years ago and left ruins like this one that emit powerful spiritual energies, especially on moonlit nights. For beautiful prints of this amazing piece, click this link.

Ghosts Of The Anasazi
Ghosts Of The Anasazi – Highly mystical painting
imparts the magic and knowledge of the "Ancient Ones". Click to enlarge, to learn more or for prints.

The legacy of the Anasazi is the spiritual concepts that have found their way into the Native American religions of the area.

These concepts include:

Anasazi Interior
Ghost Of The Anasazi – Original painting . Respond to this email to inquire about availability..

Definition Of Life. Everything is alive … man, animal, rock, tree, water, sky, earth.

Reverence. All living things are to be revered and considered sacred.

Harmony. Living in peace and harmony with these sacred things is our pure and correct state of existence. All physical and societal ills are the result of being out of harmony.

My hope for this painting is that the energies of these ancient ones can once again live among us and bring that knowledge, reverence for life and harmony to your home.

Love And Light

Energy Artist Julia

P.S. Below is information on some of my energy jewelry that might interest you.

Powerful New Energy Jewelry

By Energy Artist Julia

Light Of Christ Pendant
"Light Of Christ" energy pendant.
Click to learn more or to order.

Here’s some of my new, chakra balanced energy enhanced jewelry. Click on the ones you like to learn more about their amazing properties.

Since I started offering this jewelry, I’ve heard many stories about how it has brought positive energy to people’s lives, changing the way they feel and experience their world.

Not only does it deeply affect them but it changes the energy of the spaces they enter and the people they meet. In a way, they become beacons of joy, light and positive feelings.

Here are some quotes I’ve received from customers:

Harvest Moon Earrings Brighter
Harvest Moon – Abundance Blessing earrings. Attract abundance to your life. Click.

"My husband says I just light up when I wear it."

"Everyone in the office complimented me. It felt great to wear it."

"I’m getting a third pair (earrings) because I keep giving them away to friends who love them."

Star Owl
Star Owl –
Conduit to celestial wisdom.

…more quotes

"I need your cards to give out. Today I got asked about your jewelry in an elevator, at the office and in a restaurant."

"When I wear it, I’m happier and so are the people around me. It changes the energy everywhere I go."

"The colors and light it emits are pure joy. The world seems brighter when I wear it."

Singing Angel Pendant
Singing Angel Tree –
Angelic Healing pendant.
Click to enlarge.

How To Choose Yours

I always say, go with your gut instinct. What jewelry piece grabs you first? Then read more about it by clicking on the image at my online store (click).

Most of the time, when you read about its specific properties, you realize that it is what you’ve needed or been looking for all along. It works a lot like vision cards or even the I-Ching.


Singing Angel Modeled
The Singing Angel Tree pieces really bring out your "inner glow." Click to view.

Buy Two Get One Free – Discount Code 229

For a limited time, if you order two jewelry items you can get one free. Just visit my online store by clicking here and use discount code 229 at checkout. Be sure to choose three items total then enter the code.

Thanks for supporting my work. Your orders and referrals are how I’m able to continue my vision of spreading positive energy worldwide through art.

Love and Light

Energy Artist Julia

More Available Energy Jewelry

Monks Earrings Cleaned Up
Buddhist Monks Energy Clearing Earrings – Click to learn more.
Dragon Fairy Pendant
Dragon Fairy Pendant. Join with the lifeforce that connects our world.
Buddha's Light Pendant
Buddha’s Light. Enlightenment.

Transcendence. Peace of mind.

Click to enlarge.

Three Dolphins Pendant
Three Dolphins Healing Energy Pendant. Project and receive healing energies.

Click to learn more.

Tiger Totem Pendant Click To Enlarge
Tiger "Psychic Intuition" pendant. Self reliance. Strength. Visionary Insight.
Lion Spirit Guide Pendant
Lion "Spirit Guide" Pendant.

Wear it and envision your future.

Find the right path.

Peacock Earrings
Peacock Energy Earrings. Beauty.

Foresight. The legend of Kwan-yin.

Click to learn more.

Bear Pendant Cleaned Up
Medicine Bear. Introspection. Shamanistic healing. Astrological harmony.
Four Dolphins Healing energy Pendant
Dolphins Healing Energy Pendant. Click.
Monks Pendant Cleaned Up
Buddhist Monks Energy Clearing Pendant
Moon Dancer Pendant
Moon Dancer Pendant. Connect to your divine, free feminine spirit.
Firefly Tree Pendant. Dazzling, deep, and mesmerizing. Click here.
The Firefly Tree pendant –
Eternal Life Cycles
Connect to the other side.
About Energy Artist Julia Watkins
The Creation Tree
The Creation Tree – Click to view

A young prodigy artist who was accepted into art school and began taking graduate level art classes at 16, Energy Artist Julia Watkins is best known as the founder of the Energism Art Movement.

This art movement, consisting of over 1,000 artists worldwide focuses on expanding human consciousness by creating powerful, metaphysical energy enhanced images that deeply affect all those who view them.

Moon Daner
"Moon Dancer" – Earlier Style – Click to enlarge

Within the energism art movement, Ms. Watkins first created a pioneering"swirly" art style which has been sold in over 30 countries, is in the collections of Carnegie Mellon, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Children’s Hospital, and receives over 5 million online impressions per month.

Over the past year however, Ms Watkins (known online as" Energy Artist Julia") with over 93,000 facebook fans) has moved away from her trademark "swirly" painting style to create a brand new mixed media collection, often focusing on the concept of the "Tree Of Life".

Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon – An emotional versus literal interpretation of energy. Click to enlarge.

This new style was a natural progression within the art movement as Julia grew beyond creating more literal representations of energy and began focusing on impact oriented images that worked on a far more emotional level. To quote one of her collectors –

"This new stuff just blows me away. It completely changes the energy in my home!"- G Carruthers, Denver, CO

Bluebird - Morning Song
Bluebird Morning Song – Click

Ms. Watkins offers both high quality giclee prints of her paintings and original work. Originals are created on metal using fired resins and glass paints.

You can see a complete portfolio of work, including available prints by CLICKING HERE,

If you are interested in original paintings visit: caprt99.

Visit our online store at: http://energyartistjulia.bigcartel.com/
More Paintings

Media: Fired resins and glass paints on metal or canvas.

The Golden Wave
The Golden Wave – Spiritually Transforming –
Click to enlarge
Zen Poppies Print
Dream Poppies
Peace Tree
The Peace Tree. Click for writeup
Oasis Print
Desert Oasis – Sanctuary of the soul.
Firefly Tree
The Firefly Tree – Connect to the eternal cycle of life and rebirth. Communicate with the other side. Click for description
Desert Vision - Prophets' Light
Desert Vision – The Prophets’ Light. Focusing daily on this image is said to produce visions and insights. Click for details.

Other information and interesting facts about Energy Artist Julia

Early Years. At around 9 years of age a professional artist took Julia under her wing and by 15 had trained her to an advanced level. She was so advanced that in art school her professors didn’t know what to do with her so they put her in graduate level painting classes.

Painting. When she paints she focuses on charging her creations with as much metaphysical energy as possible while at the same time rendering something that will deeply resonate with the specific person who will own the piece. Often she does not know who will receive the painting but says she can feel their presence prior to meeting them. She always feels drained after completing a piece and sometimes collapses.

Dreams. Much of her inspiration comes from very vivid dreams and in fact, her first swirly painting, First Dream was the result of a powerful dreamlike vision. You can read more about this in the Edge Magazine Article The Dream That Changed The Art World. Every night, as she sleeps she enters a world full of beautiful vivid colors, energies and people moving in something like a "dance of life" that points her to new possibilities in her art.

Videos. Here are links to two videos featuring Ms. Watkins or her work.

Art On TV Interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uveWJhv8R90

11:11 Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6Tw1JJdo4M

Website. We have not created a website for Julia’s new work. You can see her older work at this website: www.platris.com

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