Updates from clients and their results
I got my license! Have 2 job offers. Probably will settle out of court. now just have to work on the other matter. hope you are well. also friend just gave me new phone!
Hey Jimmy!
Things are improving, in fact they are moving so fast that I cannot keep up!  I am thinking I would like to see you again before I am out the door.  I was promoted and I am moving to Miami to open a sales office for the company I work for…Yay!  So funny, it is exactly what I have been asking for, go figure huh! 
Anyhow since there are so many moving parts I want to make sure I stay on track.  My schedule has been crazy but how does yours look?
Chat with you soon!
Actually I haven’t shared this with anyone yet, but about the same time Richard shifted me my Dad passed out at home.  Turned out he had a massive blood clot in his chest where the doctors (you gotta love them) said he should be dead.  On top of that he had no damage to his heart or veins and required no surgery.  I was 2 pointing and time traveling with him after I found out.  Words like miracle and lucky were used a lot.  But there are no such things as coincidences in life.
I am just super grateful.
So thanks for the part you had in helping me along and getting to the conference 🙂
Oh and the divorce is moving smoothy, papers signed and filed.  No problems at all.
Interesting develop on this end… Heard from an old boyfriend two weeks ago. It’s been off the chart with him ever since…it’s amazing to b treated so well. I knew it was bad before but I had no idea until now. Being treated with such respect & kindness..wow! 😉 only downside he’s in the north & I’m here…lol lots of phone sex… Lol..;) even better he’s totally understanding about me being into jewelry! Lmao! 
Thank you for all that you have done for me… Luv & prayers to you!
Hope you had a great birthday Jim!  Did somebody hit you after you bought your new car? What a bummer!

Here is an update after your reading a year ago. To refresh your memory, you said my son’s determined efforts in obtaining a residency would pay off. He is doing well in his path residency. I am also doing well in my nursing job. So all is well!  I think that little entity feeding off my energy field is still gone. I don’t see any orbs in the pics now.


Thank you so much…you are the best! I went on the access con. site. I just missed a workshop in NJ. I would like to go to a bars seminar, emailed someone in PA to see if there will be any scheduled in Nov or Dec. Attempted to purchase the DVD. but they are sold out……Can it get better than this!!?? Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction for my continuing “development”. You saved me alot of money and time, and i really appreciate that also. I am so excited to see what happens next!! Thanks so much. I am still “high” from our session…….