wwwsrc4you.com is similar to QXCI / Scio and is awesome software to use to work on yourself, others and even pets and situations.  I have the premium version and include it for free with all of my sessions .
Four individuals with unique skill sets came together at this time in history to introduce to the entire world the combining of thousands of years of Qi Gong methodology with 21 century technology. The SRC4U Qi Gong enhancement software is revolutionizing people’s ability to achieve energetic balance.A popular belief is that microwaves, cell phones, radio towers, computers, in fact, all sorts of devices emanate negative signals that, over time, can accumulate in the human body presenting a variety of symptoms. The SRC4U team believed, as one, that if negative signals could be generated; then, the opposite would be, by natural design, the creation of positive signals.Our anecdotal evidence has shown that many spiritual, emotional and physical issues that can arise from the human condition, may be positively affected by the SRC4U software.We respectfully and strongly recommend that you try the SRC4U Qi Gong enhancer software. Along with proper diet and exercise, you may experience a profound effect on your journey through life.